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Major Factors for SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process in which you do to get a website to rank well in the search engines for a particular keyword phrase. Internet users are getting smarter everyday and know that the sponsored results on the right hand side are paid advertisers. For the majority they only trust the natural or organic results.

One of the main reason it is important to have a site ranked well is because these are the sites that users trust as the search engines are putting them there. If the search engine is putting them there then they must be good is the thinking of internet users. Google controls around 70% of the market as that is where the world goes to search for stuff.

There are 5 major factors to look at when doing search engine optimization:

1) Time

2) Size

3) Growth

4) Relevance

5) Popularity

These are in no particular order. I will break these down a little bit.

Time refers to how long the domain has been online. Time is a big thing in Google as they do not get to excited about new websites.

Size refers to how many pages the site has in the search engine index. The more pages of a site means more information and index penetration.

Growth refers to any company on or offline. Companies grow in size and in the internet world a website that continues to grow shows search engines that the company is continually growing and expanding. Search engines do not like sites that are stagnet or in other words not changing.

Relevance refers to how close the information is related on the website. If you are talking about real estate, golf, trucks, and computers all on one site then the relevance is not as high as a website that talks solely about golf and all that is related to golf.

Popularity refers to how many links are pointing into a website. The more inbound links the higher the popularity. Google is the world’s leader in figuring out the importance and weight of inbound links to a webpage.

These things will help real estate agents as they try to optimize their websites for the search engines.

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