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Tips to Organizing your Office for Maximum Efficiency.

Friday, May 20th, 2016

We’ve all dealt with it, cluttered office space where working becomes a balancing act. Trying not to knock over the stack of papers on the desk, working around the clutter, and trying to remember to take out the trash. All so that your office space continues to smell clean and fresh. A messy office can lead to stress. At Commercial Real Estate, we understand your pain and disorganization, which is why We’ve compiled some helpful tips to assist you in making your work experience better.

Messy Office

Have an office that looks like this?

1. Purge. To maximize your office space efficiency, get rid of those unneeded items, papers, trash, etc. Make sure your office is clean. This first step might seem simple, but it may take several days to figure out what stays and what goes. It is the single most important step in any office organizing effort.

2. Clear off your desk.

Your desktop is the work zone of the office, where all of the productivity takes place. Therefore, it should make sense to try and keep it clear of clutter, trash, and even loose papers. This isn’t to say that you can’t channel your inner creativity, but leave yourself ample room to work.

For the truly creative individual, who must have 5,000 different spongebob figurines somewhere within their workplace, consider getting shelving in your office space to display your collection while keeping your desk free from clutter. This will also prevent distractions or accidentally knocking many of these items over.

Try getting under-the-desk filing cabinets or plastic bins to hold all of those documents you’ll need later.

Create separate work areas at your desk for both computer and non-computer related work. This does multiple things, first it can really help you to focus on the task currently at hand. Second, if you have a desk job that requires more than typing behind a desk all day (or sitting on a phone), having the bit of extra space helps you focus on your work while being less distracted from the computer.

3. Create a sorting system.
Organize those documents into binders, by date or subject, to create your own filing system. As the space fills up, take those documents and move them within the office or elsewhere, according to your constraints.

Place a two document tray on your desk to differentiate between items you are currently working on and new items that people may drop off at your desk.

4. If needed, get more trays to differentiate and organize items of high/low importance as well as due dates.

While these tips aren’t all-inclusive, they are a good start to getting any workspace under control. While there are many other tips that we could recommend, sticking with just these will likely get you a long way toward becoming more productive.

Alternative Office Spaces

Saturday, November 15th, 2014

Office Work-Space

Think outside the cubicle!

Now is the time to invest in St. George commercial real estate. As the property market continues to do well now is the time invest. One issue that many people have when buying commercial real estate is that they spend too much time waiting for the perfect location. We want to give you some ideas of how you can make a non-traditional space, the perfect alternative work-space for your company. After all why miss out on a great market waiting for the perfect place when, with some creativity, you can organize the perfect office. If you want to go extreme here are some ideas.

Curb Appeal

Many people get hung up on being in a traditional business park or traditional office building. Think outside the box. There are plenty of non traditional locations available that do not fit the perfect office space mold but can still offer everything and more. Depending on your contact with clients the actual appearance of the building you are in may not be as important as just having a place. In today’s world non traditional buildings have become home to many companies, especially tech companies.

Office Arrangement

If you want a traditional office, you are probably envisioning corner office space and lots of cubicles. There has been a lot of discussion in recent years about cubicles versus a more modern open work space. Many of the more innovative companies have shifted from offices and cubicles to an open format that allows for collaboration and increased innovation. Instead of shoving people in confined spaces, consider having open tables which allow employees to move around and interact with each other. You may be surprised to find that productivity increases when people are able to people to more easily collaborate.


Former warehouse space can be the perfect place to set up shop. Warehouses offer large open spaces that allow for an open office format. Or consider a shuttered business such as a manufacturing site or small retail store location. With a new coat of paint and the right modern office furniture you can make the perfect office out of a non-traditional space. A plus side to this option is that leases or sale prices may be lower depending on the property!

If you open up your mind to all the possibilities you may just find the perfect alternative work-space for your company. Maybe its time for your company to break the status quo and break from the traditional office space in lieu of something more unique and modern. What ever you are looking for we are the largest commercial real estate brokerage in Southern Utah and we can help you find exactly what you want.

TCS Advertising moved

Monday, June 17th, 2013

Tenney Clemons Saarelainen has been one of the most well-known advertising companies in St. George,Utah. They recently moved to 37 W 1070, and are excited about the new opportunities that the new space will create for them. TCS Advertising & Public Relations is a full-service advertising, public relations, design, and marketing communications agency. TCS develops and implements advertising and marketing plans using creative stratagems and the latest in technology to provide our clients with unique ideas to break through the normal promotional clutter. As a full-service agency, we specialize in graphic design, media relations, public relations, product packaging, video and audio production and Internet web site development and SEO.

Brandon Vandermyde of NAI Utah Southern Region helped facilitate their relocation.

For any commercial real estate needs in St. George, Ut contact Brandon at 435-627-5735

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