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Sustainable Green Real Estate in St. George

Thursday, September 1st, 2016

Coming in at number six on Forbes list of “The Best Small Places for Business and Careers”, St. George UT has the kind of population, job growth, affordable property and low overhead costs that make it an ideal market for investing in commercial real estate. Known as a hub for active living and intense natural beauty, the landscape of St. George UT invites new residents and travelers alike from all over the world. With multiple world-renowned national parks, lush golf courses, rich local history and all manner of nightlife, performing arts and outdoor pursuits, St. George is the perfect place to buy commercial investment property for sale.

One market trend that is gaining a foothold in commercial real estate is sustainability. With increased demand from tenants, investors and government for green buildings, a push has been seen towards making commercial real estate properties more environmentally friendly. Clients have a need for a physical space that reflects their changing needs for more technology and increased awareness of environmental impact. With the special considerations of being located in a desert environment plus eco-tourism reaching newfound popularity, the time is right to invest in green real estate property in St. George UT.

The popularity of green leases reflects the growing attraction of sustainable rental property for tenants and, in turn, the increased incentive for commercial real estate owners to establish sustainability goals and allocate resources for implementation. In St. George as elsewhere, the movement towards green sustainable living and a desire to “unplug” from digital life has opened up the need for properties that can deliver the features prospective tenants want. When investment in commercial real estate is almost always a good idea, as renters become more and more green-minded, commercial real estate owners would be wise to begin undergoing green implementation to suit the changing tastes and wants of potential tenants.

With green building having a tangible effect on employee productivity and well-being, more and more tenants are looking for green spaces that offer the kinds of sustainable features they desire. Whether you want to relocate to St. George, retire or simply make an investment in commercial real estate, St. George offers an excellent climate for opportunity and growth. Get in touch with Commercial Real Estate of St. George today to begin your green real estate investment!

Bio Life Expands in St. Geroge

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015


New Plasma Services Center Opens

Biolife Plasma Services opened a second St. George location on Dixie Drive, behind the Albertsons Shopping Center. The new center boasts more room than the older center as well as four more beds.

RAP Tax in Washington County

Monday, October 27th, 2014


How will it affect you and commercial real estate in St. George, Utah?

There is a proposed tax increase for sales tax in Washington County, that will effectively increase the sales tax 1 penny for every $10 spent on non-food items in Washington County. In other words, for every $1,000 you spend on non-food items, you would pay $1.00 towards the RAP tax.


It would have a relatively small impact on the residents here, but would be an interesting way of taxing all of the visitors to the area. Whether they are here to see the parks, go to the Tuacahn, participate in baseball/soccer tournaments, or just here for the weather, the millions of visitors would pay a little more to better the facilities they come here to use.

As many national restaurant chains discuss new possible territories, one of the most important piece of data they look at is population. As they carefully scrutinize the number of people in the area, in St. George specifically, they also take into consideration the amount of visitors and the traffic count which particular locations may see. In Utah, 1 in 10 jobs are either directly or indirectly tied to the Travel, Tourism, and Recreation business.


Many people choose to live here after vacationing and falling in love with Southern Utah. While visiting, they stay in hotels, eat at restaurants, play golf, subsequently providing a need for more commercial real estate. If they decide to move here and build a house due to their visit here, each home that is built creates 3 jobs either directly or indirectly through construction work, real estate, title work, providing construction materials, utility hook ups, etc… All of those things require more industrial space, office space, and retail buildings to help support the growth.

Tourism is a driver of the Southern Utah economy. This proposed tax would enable our community to capitalize more on the tourism industry in order to pay the maintenance of our beautiful county and its awesome facilities. Visit the this website to learn more about the proposed tax. And if you are in the market for commercial real estate contact us online or by phone at 4358.627.5707.

Tax Appeals St George Utah

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Tax notices for St. George commercial property owners have been sent out… But did you know you can fight the appeal? I have been fighting tax appeals for clients for some time now. The county really does give it their best efforts to be fair regarding the tax values of your properties, however, there are often times where property owners will receive notice that their assessed value increases 30-40%, without any real reason for it.

In a proper appeal you need to provide evidence that the true market value of your property is less than what the county has determined. This is done through providing comps for the area, providing a value based on a true CAP rate, or a few other measures as outlined by the county.

Although it can be a little intimidating for someone who has never done it before, if your property value isn’t accurate it needs to be disputed. We can look at the property and determine whether or not there is a valid argument for a dispute. We have real reasonable rates, and if we don’t save you any money on the appeal, you won’t pay us anything.

Keep in mind that the savings we provide you won’t just last for this year, but will be realized over the next several years.

Best State To Live In

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

According to Gallup, “Utah easily leads the nation in terms of its performance across 13 forward looking metrics that might determine which states will be the best places to live in the future.” What set Utah apart are its high scores in low smoking habits, cleanest water, best supervisors, willingness to learn, and perceptions that “your city or area is getting better rather than getting worse.”

Rounding out the top five are: Minnesota, Colorado, Nebraska, and North Dakota.

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