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Tax Appeals St George Utah

Tax notices for St. George commercial property owners have been sent out… But did you know you can fight the appeal? I have been fighting tax appeals for clients for some time now. The county really does give it their best efforts to be fair regarding the tax values of your properties, however, there are often times where property owners will receive notice that their assessed value increases 30-40%, without any real reason for it.

In a proper appeal you need to provide evidence that the true market value of your property is less than what the county has determined. This is done through providing comps for the area, providing a value based on a true CAP rate, or a few other measures as outlined by the county.

Although it can be a little intimidating for someone who has never done it before, if your property value isn’t accurate it needs to be disputed. We can look at the property and determine whether or not there is a valid argument for a dispute. We have real reasonable rates, and if we don’t save you any money on the appeal, you won’t pay us anything.

Keep in mind that the savings we provide you won’t just last for this year, but will be realized over the next several years.

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