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An Attractive Workspace

Setting up for work every morning and doing the same thing day after day can be a drag. Afterall, not all of us have a Michael Scott at the office to help keep us entertained during the day.

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Whether you already have a Michael Scott in your office or not, here are some fun tips to help make the office a more enjoyable place to be:

1. Windows

windows 300x225 An Attractive Workspace

Working outdoors with laptop can be a pain because of sun glare. Bring the outdoors to your office by substituting more windows for walls. Nature is calming and will help your employees stay motivated by having a stimulating backdrop to their workspace.

2. Downtime

breakroomvideo 300x200 An Attractive Workspace

When your employees take breaks, make sure to have a space where employees can really let go and relax. The more they can truly let go and relax during their lunch and breaks, the more effective and functional they’ll be at work later that day. Take Google, for example, they have legos, beanbags, video games, and even slides!

3. Decorations

officeart 300x300 An Attractive Workspace

Filling your workspace with pictures, art, and fun objects can help add unique flavor and personality to any workspace. The best part is that each employee and express themselves creatively in their own way. You could take this a step further by doing a community mural in the office with different ideas from employees.

4. Plants

plants 300x200 An Attractive Workspace

Since you’ve already got more windows in your workplace, why not bring what you can of nature to the indoors? A bit of extra oxygen never hurt anyone. Not to mention that they looks good too and add a sort of elegance and feeling to your office.

5. Color

blueorangepicture 300x211 An Attractive Workspace

Most offices have a lot of one color: white. Lighten up the work place with colors that help energize the mind and encourage productivity. Bright colors that aren’t overbearing can add a lot to a workspace. Blue elicits security and with the combination of orange can encourage creativity. Try mixing things up every few months by shifting pictures and paintings to difference walls.

Making fun changes to the office workspace throughout the year can yield many benefits. Your employees will likely have a better attitude at work and find more motivation to work hard. As you consider these options above, why not think of a couple of your own fun ideas to implement in your own personal workspace today. The results may be enlightening.

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