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How to Decide Where To Locate Your New Office

Office space can say a lot about a company. Depending on what you do and who you serve, you will want to create a space that reflects not only the people who work there, but the people you work for. If you’re a retail business, having a storefront that is clean, open and customer friendly will be highly important to you, yet for a business that manufactures raw materials function trumps aesthetics.
cubicles 300x225 How to Decide Where To Locate Your New Office
Commercial Real Estate has helped many businesses over the years to find office space that works well for them and their purposes. Here are a few tips that we have come up with to help you when deciding to relocate your business.

1. Look for something that looks clean…

No matter what you need from an office space, it needs to be clean and easy to maintain clean. This is important for you, your employees and your customers. No one wants to work in a place that is cluttered with old boxes or always is messy. And, as far as customers are concerned, nobody will use your services or buy your goods if your office is messy and unkempt. So look for a space that will help you to maintain order and cleanliness.

2. Function is key…
Find something that fits your industry! Obviously a tech company is going to be very different from a food processing business. With your business needs in mind, it is key for you to get a space that will allow you to do what you do best.

3. Find a location that is best for your business…
Location is important for businesses to consider when finding a new office space. If you are concerned about selling things at your store, then you want to try and find something that is close to other retail businesses. If you’re more concerned with selling to other businesses or companies, then you can find something that is less prominent and not have to worry about it.

In the end, make sure that the company’s new home, works for everything that you need it to be. Don’t settle for anything less, and Commercial Real Estate in St. George can help you relocate your business; just give us a call.

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