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St. George Real Estate’s Offices of the Future

Ever think about buying an office near St George Utah? If so, it might not be a bad idea to look into office automation. Various things such as air conditioning and heating are common things to find automated in businesses. But we wanted to take a look at some of the coolest automation ideas you’ll find in any office. Our sources varied, but you can take a look here to see the general idea of what we looked for in an office dedicated to the future. Among this list are some that we came up with ourselves. Let us know what you think!

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Office Robotic Display

Driverless cars that come pick up employees for work, and deposit themselves in an automated car stacking underground lot.
Nanopaints, allowing entire walls to become screens on demand. Possibly touch screen walls in the future as well.
Interactive holograms. Ever seen Iron Man? We think that this kind of technology isn’t too far off, for designers this would be huge, allowing for more interactivity and manipulation of objects being created.
Artificial Intelligence Assistants. Whether cybernetic or holographic, the next phase in innovation could involve outsourcing these jobs to robots, who would instantly be able to book appointments and greet new customers. Going back to our Iron Man example, we could easily have these same assistants run the entire office, perhaps over multiple locations, answering queries and controlling office space. The possibilities are endless as we venture further into what AI becomes capable of accomplishing.
Automatically adjusting fully ergonomic furniture. By utilizing biofeedback technology, these chairs would instantly know which position would be the most comfortable/most productive, and adjust accordingly.
Biometric rotating fridge. Touch the handle and the fridge will rotate to your specific food slot. No more lunch thieves in the office! (Unless those thieves have mad hacking skills) Might also double as a vending machine of sorts. The possibilities are endless here. All we know is that we want one.
Diagnostic toilets that analyze your health. This could be especially useful, but we wonder at the implications of having this at every office. Perhaps someone wants to keep that information private? Still, in any doctor’s office, this would be a great tool.
Wireless power: As technology advances, so do our power needs. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your phone fully charged, when you need it? Laptops would never suddenly die, and we could dispense with the need for wall outlets. Adapting some of the older technology might be tough but it’s a problem worth having.
Biometric computer scanner. This device would pay attention to your body, looking for signs of exhaustion. This could help to manage employees health and overall well-being.
Robotic security. Because who doesn’t want a RoboCop or EDE running around their halls? But think about the implications. These robots would monitor the halls at night and patrol the premises. If they are damaged, they can easily be repaired or replaced (humans can’t). Additionally, these robots would be programmed to apprehend rather than harm, protecting both your business and human life. Another idea would be to have several mechanical bodies being controlled by the same AI, possibly the AI assistant mentioned earlier?

These are just a few of the ideas we came across that seemed completely awesome. It’s a pretty safe bet that when we look back on this moment 20 years from now, the nature and design of offices will differ in many significant ways to what they are currently. We look forward to that change.

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